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Isle of Sheppey Cultural Education Partnership - Summer Newsletter: July 2020

Welcome to our first newsletter, which as Chair of the Isle of Sheppey Cultural Education Partnership (CEP), I am delighted to be sharing with you. The CEP aims to open up opportunities for everyone to actively engage in the arts, culture and heritage. We have grown from a group of schools committed to collaboration and partnership working, to an Arts Council England supported group working with all of you to achieve our goals of ensuring all children and young people get their entitlement to arts and culture. As you will see in this newsletter, there is so much fantastic work ongoing on the Island. The CEP is yours, ours, to support this work. The CEP builds on the work of Young Arts Advocates and Thinking Differently About The Arts funding, which has been used to support a range of wonderful projects. The fabulous funded Theatre31 project brings to our Island so many opportunities. The CEP is here to make sure we have access to these opportunities. Thank you for your partnership, collaboration and support.

In this edition, we’ll focus on sharing some great arts projects and activities that have been happening during lockdown, provide inspiration for each other by sharing your stories, and telling you about some useful news and opportunities for the coming months. If you’d like to add an item to our next edition in the Autumn term, please send your news to Chantelle Crofskey – Chair of Isle of Sheppey CEP

To read the Newsletter - please click HERE

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