The Island Learning Trust believes creativity and engagement inside and outside the curriculum is fundamental for children’s development and learning; the ability to express oneself and experience ownership of both arts and culture allows a child to strive for excellence and innovation in their future.  


Our current provision includes the development and use of a personalised, creative curriculum built around our location, our context, our history and our children, which develops both depth of understanding through the revisiting of skills, and breadth of understanding through the consideration of different forms.  We pride ourselves in providing children with real-life experiences and situate these in our pedagogical approach including the use of our Learning Muscles, our Pledges for all children, the roles of Ambassadors (eg Arts Ambassadors, Learning Ambassadors and School Council etc.) and an innovative multi-curricular teaching methodology for Literacy.  


Through regular reflection, we are continually developing and improving our purpose-built curriculum, our extra-curricular provision and offer of opportunities for all children and we are developing multiple avenues to increase the involvement and enjoyment of the creative subjects.  Over the last few years, Artsmark has provided our schools with an excellent method for auditing provision and providing frameworks for progression on our journey for both school leaders and teachers so that authentic learning can occur ensuring pupils at our schools can experience the best that we can offer.  We are very proud to have achieved two Gold status schools in our trust!  


This year, our focus is to drive the celebration of the arts, providing a platform for our children and communities to share their own art, music, drama, animation and much more! We have been very lucky to have received the opportunity for funding towards this through the Sheppey Cultural Educational Partnership for a project entitled ‘Thinking Differently About the Arts’. We now have a physical gallery space at our Minster site and this online space too.


Therefore, we hope you enjoy your exploration of our online gallery and find artwork that will stun and amaze you as well as inspire your own creativity.  We hope that you will even consider submitting your own piece!


Dr. Danielle Hall

Leader of Arts and Culture

The Island Learning Trust